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  • Take Credit & Debit Cards.
  • Process Electronic Checks.
  • Merchant Account Services.

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We help businesses like yours get setup to take visa & mastercard from your clients. Processing credit cards is necessary to process retainers and deposits from clients for services rendered. Law firm merchant account services.

So you just opened the private practice and you're ready to make some money at your new business one of the first things you're going to need to do is to learn how to process payments from your clients. As you know nowadays legal bills can accumulate fast. It is rare for customers to carry around large amounts of cash and in this economy it seems like many clients don't have much cash at all. 20 or 30 years ago the first thing a new client would do to leave a retainer or pay a legal bill would be to pull out their checkbook and write a check. These days however yourself included they probably don't carry a checkbook around either and your first inclination is to pull out your credit card or debit card. Many clients use credit cards instead of cash just to accumulate rewards each month or cash back to their account. So you must now how important it is to process credit cards for your clientele. it is actually pretty easy for attorneys and litigation services to get set up to accept Visa or MasterCard or American Express from their customers. We are specialists in helping offices, new businesses, small businesses, Internet websites, in Visa and MasterCard processing services.

Law firm offices such as:

  • Civil and criminal

  • Credit repair and collections, Loan modification

  • Real estate litigation

  • Paralegal companies

  • Witness specialties

  • Bankruptcy attorneys

  • Family law and divorce

  • Commercial and small business

  • New or established practices

  • Restraining orders In Los Angeles

  • Website processing services

  • Taking payments through website


To get started simply call us or fill out our contact us form and a customer service representative can help you get the process started. It will not take long to have your business set up to process retainers and pay their legal bills through their credit cards or debit cards. Call us toll-free and start accepting credit cards today!

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