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  • Take Credit & Debit Cards.
  • Process Electronic Checks.
  • Merchant Account Services.

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Take visa & mastercard from your clients to pay outstanding legal bills, retainers, deposits, and more. Lawyer get setup to process credit cards. New or established law firms. Best rates available merchant account processing payment gateway services.

Merchant services for legal companies and small business solutions. . If you are an attorney  starting a new business or you have an established practice for many years you know how important it is to your bottom line to be able to process credit card payments. Few customers nowadays carry  around large amounts of cash it in many cases they don't even have checkbooks anymore and use debit or credit cards for everything. As you also know as a legal professional that these in your industry tend to be very high and can add up quickly. There are different ways to take credit cards from your clients we have traditional card swipe systems we swipe a clients credit card and a verification code in receipt is printed. There are now mobile solutions available through iPads, iPhones and tablet devices that can swipe a card right through your mobile device. If you are just starting out it will be important to keep your costs and fees down running your practice.

Our solutions are perfect for:

  • Civil attorneys

  • Criminal

  • Divorce and family law

  • Bankruptcy and credit repair

  • Real estate transactions

  • Loan modification specialists

  • Business and commercial

  • Litigation specialists

  • Technology

  • Paralegal services


Small businesses like yours will typically pay low rates this is because the swipe your card's in person and have contracts and signatures were card payment processing is used.  Rates for these type of companies above will typically be below 2%. And processing debit cards is even lower. To get started simply call us or fill out our contact us form an agent will help you get started accepting credit cards from your clients.

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