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  • Merchant Account Services.

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Its relatively easy to get setup to process credit card payments from your clients. You can be setup in a short period of time and being processing deposits, retainers, let customers make payments through their visa, mastercard and amex.

Getting started accepting credit cards from your clients is usually a simple process. You will need to fill out an application similar to a credit card application or any type of application. You will need together some documentation about your business to present to the bank. We have been thoroughly reviewed and critiqued on multiple websites that review credit card processing services.  You can see our merchant credit card processor fees and rate information on here, here, here, and here.  All of the companies have reviewed our rates, contracts, and offerings and have concluded we are the best option for your lawfirm. The documentation will include such things as your incorporation papers, or limited liability documentation. Other requirements will include a business banking checking account, any licensing materials you may have, and a W9 form. You will also need to decide if you want a virtual terminal that just runs off your computer or Mac or tablet or you want a traditional terminal with the keypad that you swipe your credit cards with. This documentation is and submit it to the bank for approval process should only take a few days to approve. We can also help you out with:

  • Taking Electronic Checks from Your Clients

  • Lowering your current rates and saving money each month

  • Recurring Payment Solutions

  • Taking payments through your website

  • Even if you have poor or bad history on your credit we can help

  • Provide free terminals and free equipment

  • Increase revenues each month

The first step fill out our contact us form or call us and we will get an application sent over to you to fill out and return back to us. Please note there are no hidden fees in our banking services. We have helped many law offices like yours get set up with the ability to accept credit cards from their clients.

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